Requirement - Website Design and Development

Wellingborough Hockey Club (WHC), one of the largest clubs in Northamptonshire, required a new website to encourage more players to take up the sport and join their club. During the initial design and development consultation with our web designer, WHC mentioned that they needed a modernised website with multiple data retention and security features, including a player portal for members to record their availability for each game, and automatically updating league tables and fixture lists (based on league web sources).


Wellingborough Hockey Club

Website Design

The web design needed to be modern, lively and reflective of the friendly personalities at the club.  Our designer provided a wireframe with initial designs to ensure the quality and content was suitable for the audience.

The club colours, green and red, provided a festive backdrop for the content, and the use of large colour blocks gave the site impact on first viewing.  The design of the key pages (Home, Teams, Club and Contact) were designed individually after the initial design consultation had been completed, to ensure content was appropriate without losing the common look & feel expected throughout the site.

The design of the player portal was simple, but needed to be an easy and effective way to collate availability data for each player. Managers and Team Captains were allocated administrative access to this data

Wellingborough Hockey Club

Website Development

The front end development of the designs was relatively straightforward, as all AW Creative designs are created with web and user experience at the forefront. The resulting pages were clean and clear with easy customer journey throughout. 

The back-end development of the player portal, including the security and privacy controls that were required to hold personal data, was the most significant part of this project. 

Our back-end developers worked with Wellingborough Hockey Club closely to ensure that all protocols were in place to ensure data control. For the player portals, where the data would be stored, administrative access was granted for Coaches, Managers and Captains of the respective teams - these access levels would only provide player availability data and basic information. 

Further restricted access was granted to committee members to allow them to view players personal and subscription payment information, to ensure accurate medical and personal information was available to view in an emergency, to ensure players had paid their club subscription, and to ensure the clubs auditing could be conducted effectively. 

Wellingborough Hockey Club

Marketing Materials

WHC also employed AW Creative's services to create marketing advertisments and digital content for their annual recruitment drive.  To encourage new players to the sport, WHC required a poster designed to be placed in workplaces, gyms and some senior schools in the local area.  

We conducted an initial design consultation with WHC on the advertisments, and determined that the major recruitment drive this year was for Senior Men. There was also a feeling within the committee that hockey was not viewed as a dynamic and engaging alternative to football or rugby leagues. From this discussion, our designers created an eye-catching and engaging advertisment, targeted towards men over 18.  

AW Creative will continue to work with WHC on all things design and development throughout 2018.

Wellingborough Hockey Club

AW Creative used their knowledge and skill to create a wonderfully dynamic poster capturing the movement and spirit of the game in one image. Contact details, information and sponsorship company all listed as well as social media. Great work and will definitely use them again.

Sheila Nunn, WHC Club Secretary


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