Animated Promotional Videos

Including a video in your marketing can boost click rate by 200%

Video is fast becoming the most important asset in your marketing arsenal. Not only can they be a great way to showcase your service or product, but the engagement figures associated with video are through the roof!

Our animated promotional videos are designed to increase your engagement and conversion, and start at just £650.

Animated Promotional Videos

Why Video?

Video is now the number one engagement tactic used on social media.  As autoplay media has become more dominant in social and online channels, businesses are finding their click through rate (conversion rate) increase by over 200% when they use video over images or text.

Only 9% of small business display video on their social media. Yet over 50% of the UK sees video advertisements on Facebook. That is a massive marketing gap if ever we saw one.  There is so much potential for video, but very few businesses are currently utilising it due to unease over return on investment. Video can boost your business, your brand and most importantly, your lead generation.

Animated Promotional Videos

Video gets your content right

An image is worth a thousand words.  What is 3,600 images worth? That’s a 1 minute video. Imagine what it could tell your customers about your product and business. Our animation services span multiple platforms, we can provide 10 second gifs for social media, or 2-3 minutes for a corporate introduction video.  Whatever you need, we have the skills to help you achieve it. 

We Tell Your Story

We have over 10 years experience of creating animated promotional videos, so we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create the best version of your story that we can tell.  We ensure that all of our animations are consultative, so you're in control of the content, imagery and look & feel of the video. You will be fully involved throughout the process of storyboarding, illustrating and the final sequence, so it can be tailored to your requirements. 

A/B Test the Market

One of the big reasons that you might be uneasy about using video on your platforms is the return on investment.  Video and animation comes at a higher cost than static imagery or carousels, so you may be worried about the cost vs return that you'll see from the video.  You may never know whether an animation or static imagery would be better for your campaign.

Let us help you A/B test the market

Instead of taking our word for it, test it out for yourself. If you purchase an animation service for a marketing campaign from us (20 seconds or 2 minutes, we don't mind), we'll generate a comparative static design at no additional cost, so you can A/B test the engagement statistics and lead generation for yourself.

Make an enquiry for your Free Design Consultation about your A/B test today by filling in the form below, and check 'animation'.


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